The Challenge:

For almost 11 years, Proximity has grown to 8.8M followers by exclusively making animation based content. Wanting to break through in a new digital format, Proximity reached out to us to craft a disruptive and engaging video series.

1. Content Strategy

 (Emotion identification + Storyboard + Shot Curation)

Greatness starts with an idea and that idea comes to life through a plan. We identified from the outset that in order to make this concept iconic that we had to evoke one strong emotion… Passion. Our research found that Proximities Avatar was passionate about three things. Cars, Music and Culture so we combined all 3 to craft “In Close Proximity” – An interactive series where the best DJ’s in the world go through a world class interview in the most iconic cars on the planet

Once the idea was planted. It was time to craft the vision. Our fluid step by step storyboard allowed us see the final result before it happened. We identified the best locations, shots and emotions that we wanted to capture and then we got to work.

2. Production

Bringing a vision to life isn’t easy. You’re often faced with difficulty and this situation presented a unique challenge. But nothing that our team wasn’t prepared for. After several delays from situations that were out of our control we were left with only a few hours to make their vision come to life. The vision was complex but because of our storyboard and pre production process we were able to rescue the project and film incredible footage.

3. Post Production

A masterpiece isn’t just something “pretty”. It’s a art that communicates an emotion and makes your heart skip a beat. With Proximity we wanted to create a video that was exciting and alive. Our unique use of music, shot selection and color grading helped us exceed their expectations blow their expectations out of the water. Or in the founders case it left him saying

“Ok this is fuc*ing awesome”

- Blake Coppelson

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